Big B Creative

Bargain Depot




Veteran character actor Gailard Sartain of Hee Haw fame and over 40 feature films, was tapped to portray Bargain Bob: America's Favorite Truck Driver. The character appears in a series of commercials for The Bargain Depot; a discount chain store located throughout North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. 


Big B Creative produced the spots in Dallas and utilized the vast resources MPS Studios had to offer. This was a new direction for the DesignWorks Advertising agency who has carved out a nice little niche in the medicinal arena representing hospitals in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. 



One of the most interesting setups of the day was a truck cab interior where the camera views the action through the roof of the truck. Cutting a hole in one of the real Bargain Depot trucks was out of the question for obvious reasons. 




Therefore, under the direction of Pamela Cuthbertson, the art department built a roofless cab so that Director/DP Christopher Bigbie could acquire his high angle shot. With a bench seat, dash board and steering wheel purchased from a salvage yard, a cab interior was constructed and dressed with props by Assistant Wendi Rice and lit by Gaffer Chris Taylor. 


Gailard Sartain seemed rather content with sitting in the mockup in front of an FX fan after having performed all day under the hot Texas sun.